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More Than Roommates: First Time College Lesbians by Alexis Ryan

More Than Roommates: First Time College Lesbians 
(Alexis Ryan)

We finally made it back to our dorm room. Neither of us were ready to call is a night. It was far too earlier and we both spent too much time getting ready and looking good. We both plopped down on our beds on either side of our small room, facing and looking at each other as if to say, what next?

“Let’s do shots! I have a bottle of Aguardiente!” She said, taking off her parka and then looking through her closet.

“What’s agua … what is that?” I asked; I’d never heard of that.

“Mi amor, it’s the fantastic drink from Colombia,” she said from deep within her closet, voice muffled, “it’s like Sambuca or ouzo but better!”

She reappeared from her closet hold a bottle of clear liquor in her hand high.

“Here it is! Now get some cups!”

We grabbed two cups and she poured a small amount in each.

“Salud!” she said holding her cup up.

“Ching-ching!” I said tapping my plastic cup to hers simulating the clinking of proper glasses.

I down the liqueur. It was sweet and sharp tasting at the same time. Like ouzo but smoother, but definitely strong.

“Damn!” I said as I shook my head at the shock of the liquor in my system.

“Another!” she said and poured another shot, this time a little bit more.

“OK, let’s do it!”

We downed the second shot and she got up to turn on some music.

“Now we are going to have a good time like we have back home!” She said turned on some contemporary salsa and began to dance. She danced perfectly to the beat of the music, swaying her hips and moving her body to the sexy salsa sounds. She looked so hot and the music made her look even sexier. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her sexy dancing.

She gazed back at me smiling and blew me a kiss. We cracked up laughing as the liquor on top of the beer started to hit us. Neither one of us were heavy drinkers so a few beers and shots were enough to get us giddy and laughing like silly school girls.

“One more shot, mi amor! Then I’m going to teach you how to dance salsa!”

She danced her way over to me smiling a devilish smile, music playing the background. She poured a large shot for each of us and grabbed my hand to pull me up. I was standing right in front of her as she continued to dance, this time her body making contact with mine as she put her arm around my waist and held her cup up that was in her other hand.

“Here’s to us, Brittany,” she said softly, looking into my eyes. “Here’s to the best friend a girl could ever have or want …”

“I’ll drink to that,” I said back to her, looking into her beautiful eyes. I could have kissed her right then. We both tossed back the large shot and grimaced at the sting in the back of our throats.

“Now dance with me!”

Andrea grabbed me completely by my waist and proceeded to try and teach me to salsa. As soon as I started to get it, I would lose the beat and step on her toes or move in the wrong direction. We fumble made us laugh even more. The more we danced the more the alcohol was hitting us and the more I fumbled. Before we knew it we were practically falling over each other, laughing uncontrollably, and on that fine line between serious tipsiness and being drunk.

The more we fumbled around, the more we would embrace each other or ‘accidentally’ touch the other ones’ breast, or sneak a butt squeeze in. We were full-on flirting and giggling as we did.

Our laugh-filled flirty turned to full-on caressing as the music suddenly went to a beautiful Spanish ballad. We swayed back and forth in each other’s arms and caressed each other with our foreheads leaning against each other.

“I think I’m getting dizzy,” I said closing my eyes.

“You make me dizzy, Brittany,” I was stunned! I made her dizzy? Surely it was the booze speaking, but she continued, “I know we’re a little drunk but you’re so fucking hot and I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

In one fluid movement, she took my face by her hands and kissed me passionately on the mouth. Instantly and instinctively my mouth opened and accepted her sensual tongue inside. Her mouth massages mine as her tongue met and danced with mine in a passionate lock that took me by surprise and sent my mind sailing.

I kissed her back with eagerness, the alcohol had erased any qualms I had earlier and I realized I wanted this for so long.

“Andrea, I …” I tried to say under her powerful kiss.

“Don’t say anything, mi amor,” she continued to kiss me but moved one hand to my waist and pulled me in closer. She took her other hand and while still kissing me, cupped my breast and began to gently massage it. Her touch was electrifying and send tingles down my belly to between my leg, causing me pussy to ache as it had so many time before when thinking of being intimate with Andrea.

“Do you want this, Brittany?” she whispered in a sexy breath in my ear before continuing to kiss me.

“Yes …” I tried to say under her kisses, “Yes … I want this …”

Still embracing and kissing me, she walked me backwards over to her bed. I nearly fell back when I reach the edge, but instead she stopped kissing me and lightly pushed me back. I was so dizzy from the shots, the dancing, the caressing and kissing that the lightest touch or blow of wind would have knocked me over. I felt like I was in a dream, a wonderful dream where I was about to do some amazing things I’d never done before. Things I’d only fantasized about before …