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A1RomanceEbooks - Fiction and nonfiction

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The Priest

The Priest's Virgin Concubine 
(Alana Church)

“What did you do?” Brittany demanded, when they went up to the house to wash up and clean the fish.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Her best friend smirked as they stood together at the sink.

“Haley! Tell me!”

“Not all of it. Not even to you, FBFF.” The expression on her face gentled, becoming almost tender. “Doug wanted to talk. Just the two of us.

“So we talked. And talking led to…other things. Nice things.”

“How nice?”

“Very nice.” The smile widened wickedly. “Now I know why your brother is so good with his…tools.”

“Did you…”

“No. But oh, God, Britt. I wanted to, so bad. I know he’s your brother, but…” Her eyes went soft and dreamy. “He’s got great hands. And great…other things. I made him happy. And he made me very happy. But I still haven’t let any visitors through my front door.”

“Oh. Good.”

Though, to be honest, Brittany felt just the tiniest bit disappointed that her best friend hadn’t given in to temptation. If she and Doug got together, well, she would be happy for both of them. But if they were together together, then maybe one of her rivals for Father Justin’s attention would be out of the running.

It really wasn’t nice of her to think that way, and part of her squirmed guiltily. But another part of her remembered what it had been like a couple of weeks ago, when she had sat in the chair in Father Justin’s office, her hands on her breasts and her body absolutely on fire as she told the wide-eyed priest about her sexy, naughty dreams. Her fingers had stroked her body, and she didn’t think Justin had noticed the way she had rubbed her virginal thighs together until she exploded in one of the hottest climaxes of her entire life.

“Good?” Haley interrupted her reverie. “I’m making out with your brother, and that’s all you have to say?” Her eyes fell to her chest. “God, you’re thinking about Justin right now, aren’t you? Look at your nips.”

Unbidden, her glance strayed out the window above the sink, where Doug and Justin were cleaning the fish. Several of the half-wild barn cats had gathered around. The tips of their tails twitched at the prospect of a free meal.

“He’ll pick you,” she heard herself say. “You’re prettier.”

“Maybe.” Haley rounded her eyes at her teasingly. “But you’ve got better titties.”

“And you’ve got better legs.”

“And you’ve got a better butt.”

“You think?” Brittany craned her neck around, trying to get a good look. “I always thought it was a little too big.”

“It’s not fat. It’s just…bouncy.” Haley smacked her rear with the palm of her hand, making her jump. “I’ll make you a bet. And it’s the best kind. The kind where no matter who is right, we both win.”

“What?” she asked suspiciously.

Her best friend smiled lazily and put her hands on her waist, drawing her close. “If I win, you know that he’ll pick you at Samhain. And after that, I’ll try to convince him to let us share him. At least once.”

Her heart pounded. “And?”

“And if he picks you at the bonfire, you do the same thing for me.” Haley drew a finger up and down her arm, making her skin rise up in gooseflesh, despite the heat of the room. “Can you imagine it? All three of us?”

Caught in the web of her voice, Brittney nodded.